Classic Wax Cards is a website and blog that focuses on baseball cards from the 1980’s and 90’s junk wax boom era.

In 1987 I was 10 years old.  I was very in to collecting baseball cards.  I had started around collecting around ’84.  About 1986 i started to take it seriously.  By the time 1987 rolled around and the baseball card peak hit, I was deep in to baseball cards.  30 years later I still collect.  Now mainly older cards or newer limited print ones.  But I have a love for the cards from when I was a kid.  All the valuable cards of that time.  These days, they are dirt cheap and easily obtainable, so I’ve made it hobby of building a complete junk wax collection.  This is a blog covering my efforts.  I hope you enjoy it.

   -Eric Thomas, Classic Wax Cards. 

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