1990 Score Baseball Cards

1990 Score Baseball -Part 4- Best Cards In The Set

Although the 1990 Score baseball card series has held little value over the years, it has several cards that are still both collectible and  noteworthy.  Most cards of the set have a book value of just pennies.  We do see however, several very nice and even classic cards emerge from the sea of mass produced box sets still widely available.

1990 Score Barry Bonds

1990 Score Barry Bonds

Starting on the low end, cards of this series that show up with a book value of around $1 should be mentioned.  It may not be a lot of value, but cards around the $1 mark are considered to be of the more valuable cards of this set.  Barry Bonds, Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire, and Curt Schilling are a few familiar names that show up here.

We also see a few uncorrected error cards sitting at about the $1 mark.  The Roger Clemens card has a spelling error on it, saying “dominate” when it should say “dominant.”  Larry Walker and Juan Gonzalez both have rookie cards with uncorrected errors valued at $1 as well.  The Juan Gonzalez card has a spelling error.  Larry Walker got a rare “double uncorrected error card.”  His card has both a hometown error and a uniform number error.

1990 Score Larry Walker

1990 Score Larry Walker

Coming in a little higher at around $1.50 of high end book value, we see the much underrated Bernie Williams card.  This is Bernie’s Score rookie card.

At a very modest $2 of book value we see the classic Frank Thomas rookie card.  This was a hot card.  Quiet frankly, it always will be.  Everyone has seen this card.  And its Frank Thomas of course.

Another completely underrated card of the 1990 Score baseball card series is the Sammy Sosa card.  Its Sammy’s Score rookie card and comes in at about $2.50.  You just cant go wrong with a Sammy Sosa rookie card.  No matter how you add it up, its a must have card.  And with a high end book value of $2.50, why not?

1990 Score Frank Thomas

1990 Score Frank Thomas

The big card in the box these days is an error card.  In a set known for its ridiculous amount of error cards, this card stands out.  The Ryne Sandberg error card has a book value of around $8.  Its a special “Highlight” card.  It’s an interesting card.  There are a couple other “Highlight” cards in the set, but the Sandberg doesn’t follow the format.  The Wade Boggs and Nolan Ryan HL cards each have red trim with a white border and neither list a position for the player on the front.  The Sandberg card has yellow trim with a blue border like a regular card.  Actually its more like the “Rookie” cards of the series.  Those are with the regular card color schemes, and list a position.  Besides being a unique card in those respects, the position that is listed is “3b.”  Sandberg did have some time at third base, but it should say “2b” if it were to say anything at all.  The other version of this card has the position completely removed, to be more like the other HL cards of the series.

I couldn’t resist checking out an old Beckett Baseball Card Monthly magazine from shortly after this series came out.  A few interesting things stand out.  The Ryne Sandberg card even then was a major player, with a high end book value of $12.  Most impressive though, is the classic Bo Jackson Football/Baseball black and white card.  It was listed at $12 also.  Today, it doesn’t even get to the $1 mark.

1990 Score Bo Jackson FB/BB

1990 Score Bo Jackson FB/BB

In the old price guide, we also see a number of rookies that were pretty good prospects at the time.  Eric Anthony, Greg Vaughn, Ben McDonald, and Kevin Mass each have rookie cards valued at over $1.  John Olerud’s rookie card comes in at a respectable $3.50 for that time period.

Its my honest opinion that the 1990 Score baseball set is a very underrated release.  It holds little value but has several must have cards.  You cannot talk about that time period and help but have at least 1 or 2 of the cards in this series come to mind.

1990 Score Sammy Sosa

1990 Score Sammy Sosa

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