1987 Donruss Baseball Cards

1987 Donruss Baseball -Part 1- Of The Greats

Being extremely over produced and holding little value in the baseball card industry hasn’t been much of a hindering factor for the 1987 Donruss baseball card series.  It’s not too impressive that the best cards in the set are only worth a few dollars.  The top cards can be obtained in an ungraded state for up to around $10, but often less.  What is impressive with this set though, is the sheer number of these top cards that come in the box.  1987 was a great year for baseball and baseball cards, even it it was the heart of the junk wax era.

In 1987 I was 10 years old.  I probably had more 1987 Donruss baseball cards than any other card series during my childhood collecting.  I’d say I had around 500.  The bulk of that was bought in single wax packs.  Just 1 or 2 packs at a time from the corner store, whenever I could get the change.  I did trade for a few, but I was able to score most of what I wanted in star cards from the single pack rips I was doing all the time.

1987 Donruss Kirby Puckett

1987 Donruss Kirby Puckett

These days, I just opened 2 factory sets.  They consist of individually wrapped packs of cards.  As I ripped and pulled star cards, I was pretty happy with the condition they were in.  The cards are set with a black border on the front.  With similar releases such as the 1986 Topps series, the black proved to be a significant issue when looking for very high quality cards for grading.  The black makes chips and cutting imperfections all the more noticeable.  This card stock holds up though.  Better than the ’86 Topps cards, that’s for sure.

We see pretty much all the features of the 1987 Topps baseball series, here in the same years Donruss set.  Except here we see Jose Canseco as a 2nd year card.  He had a card in the 1986 Donruss baseball set as well.  Not to mention having other lesser Donruss cards already such as the ’86 Rookies set.  On the Topps side though, 87 was his first regular series release, but did have an ’86 Topps Traded card.

We see all the greats of the time obviously, and their cards hold up as the better cards in the box.  Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Cal Ripken, and George Brett all have cards worth having.

We see the guys that are to be the greats, a few years in to their careers.  Cards like the Don Mattingly, Ryne Sandberg, Kirby Puckett and Roger Clemens.

1987 Donruss Mark McGwire RR

1987 Donruss Mark McGwire RR

Most impressive thing about the 1987 sets, no matter if it’s Topps or Donruss, has to be the amazing crop of rookie players.  Being Donruss, we see the Rated Rookie cards for Randy Myers, B.J. Surhoff, Bo Jackson, Rafael Palmeiro, and Mark McGwire among others.  We also see regular cards for rookies such as Greg Maddux, Wally Joyner, Doug Drabek, Jamie Moyer, Barry Bonds, Barry Larkin, Bobby Bonilla, and a big group of others as well.

We couldn’t talk about the ’87 Donruss baseball series, and not mention the Diamond King subset.  There are some nice cards.  Particularly cards like the George Brett and the Roger Clemens.  I Really like the Kirby Puckett Diamond King myself.  I absolutely love seeing a Jose Canseco Diamond King.  But that fact is quickly put to death whenever I look at the portrait on the card.  Most unflattering Diamond King likeness I’ve ever seen.  In all fairness though, his regular card in set is still really appealing to me over all the years.

1987 Donruss Jose Canseco DK

1987 Donruss Jose Canseco DK

Best card in the Box?  Well, just like the 1987 Topps baseball set, I’d have to say that goes to the Barry Bonds card.   Personally though, with book value aside, my favorite card in the set is the Mark McGwire Rated Rookie card.  It’s just a super sharp looking card all around.

Generally speaking, you can get an unopened factory set of 1987 Donruss for about $20 shipped on eBay in the “Buy It Now” section.  You can get them for less in auction environments.   It’s not difficult to get a really good deal on these factory sealed sets for chances of high quality condition star cards.

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