1987 Topps Baseball Cards

1987 Topps Baseball -Part 3- Book Value In 1990

Taking a look in an old Beckett Baseball Card Monthly magazine from September of 1990, there are a number of things that immediately stand out.

The set itself pretty much seems to have about the same value today as it did in 1990.  The magazine lists it at a high end of $42, and $30 on the low side.  Today on eBay, factory sealed ’87 sets are being bought and shipped between the range of $15 and $40.  Auctions tend to end cheaper usually in the $20-25 range (shipped).  The “buy it now” side sees sales from about $25-35 range.  There are several recent listing for sold factory sealed ’87 sets that reach up to about $45 (shipped).

The next thing that stands out to me is the fact that they decided to use a picture of the Barry Bonds card to illustrate the sets entry in the magazine.  We all know the Bonds card to be the big boy of the box.  The card that carries the set.  At the time this was published though, its listed as a mid level card in the set at best.

1987 Topps Barry Bonds

1987 Topps Barry Bonds

The card with the highest high end value in listing is tied between 2.  Both the Jose Canseco All Star Rookie card, and Will Clark’s rookie card are at $5.  The Jose Canseco card is also my personal favorite card of the set.  At the time when I was collecting junk wax the hardest as a kid, that Canseco card was an awesome card to have.  And I had it.  Not to mention I’ve got even better ones now.

Coming in at a close 2nd place, at $4 is the Bo Jackson Future Stars card.  I loved this card too.  Still do.  The colorful rainbow pattern of the “Future Stars” text sets this card apart.  And it’s Bo Jackson.

Mark McGwire and his well known rookie card tie for 3rd place with Kevin Mitchell and his.  Both listing for a value of $3.

1987 Topps Bo Jackson

1987 Topps Bo Jackson

Valued at $2.75 are Mike Greenwell and Ruban Sierra.  Both appearances are rookie cards.

The Don Mattingly error All Star card lacking the trademark on the front is listed at $2 as well as the classic Barry Larkin rookie card.

Finally we see the beloved Barry Bonds card show up at $1.50.  Today it can reasonably be said that the Bonds card is the card to have in this set, with the McGwire coming in 2nd.

1987 Topps Jose Canseco

1987 Topps Jose Canseco

Wally Joyner, Cecil Fielder, Bobby Bonilla, and Don Mattingly all have cards priced at $1.25.

And coming in at a buck even are Greg Swindell, Kelly Gruber, Rafael Palmeiro, and Dwight Gooden with his no trademark error All Star card.

It’s interesting to see where the prices have shifted within the cards of the 1987 Topps Baseball series over the years.

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